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Council Meetings

Council meetings are held monthly, usually on the first Tuesday at Hale Village Hall.  The meeting of the Planning Committee (if needed) starts at 7.00pm followed at 7.30pm by the meeting of the full Parish Council.  Parishioners are encouraged to attend.

Items to be discussed at the meeting should be sent to The Clerk at least 7 days before.

The next meeting of the Planning Committee and Hale Parish Council Annual Meeting will be held Tuesday 6 June 2017 at 7pm and 7.30pm respectively at Hale Village Hall.

Meeting Documents 2017

Annual Council Meeting - May 2017adobe icon Agenda Full Council Meeting 2 May 2017 [70kb] 
Planning Committee Meeting - May 2017adobe icon Agenda Planning Committee Meeting May 2017 [57kb] 
Annual Parish Assembly - 25 April 2017adobe icon Agenda for Annual Parish Assembly 25 April 2017 [21kb]adobe icon Draft Minutes of the Annnual parish Assembly 2017 [29kb]
Full Council Committee Meeting - April 2017adobe icon Full Council Meeting Agenda April 2017 [64kb]adobe icon Minutes of full council meeting April 2017 [33kb]
Planning Committee Meeting - April 2017adobe icon Planning Committee Meeting Agenda April 2017 [56kb]adobe icon Planning Committee Minutes April 2017 [27kb]
Full Council meeting - March 2017adobe icon Agenda for full Council Meeting 7 March 2017 [68kb]adobe icon Minutes of the Full Council Meeting March 2017 [37kb]
Full Council meeting - February 2017adobe icon Agenda February 2017 [62kb]adobe icon Minutes of Full Council Meeting 7 February 2017 [35kb]
Full Council meeting - January 2017adobe icon Agenda for the Meeting 10.01.17 [58kb]adobe icon Full Council Minutes January 2017 [32kb]
Planning Committee meeting - January 2017adobe icon Agenda for meeting 10.01.17 [56kb]adobe icon Draft Minutes Planning Committee January 2017 [26kb]

Meeting Documents 2016

Planning Committee meeting - December 2016adobe icon Planning Agenda Dec 16 [56kb]adobe icon Planning Committee Minutes December 16 [28kb]
Council Meeting - December 2016adobe icon Full Council Agenda December 16 [62kb]adobe icon Minutes of Full Council Meeting 5 December 2016 [35kb]
Planning Committee meeting - November 2016adobe icon Planning Committee Agenda November 16 [56kb]adobe icon Planning Committee Minutes November 2016 [25kb]
Council Meeting - November 2016adobe icon Agenda November 2016 [58kb]adobe icon Full Council Meeting Minutes November 2016 [30kb]
Council Meeting - October 2016adobe icon Agenda October 2016 [60kb]adobe icon October 2016 Minutes [35kb]
Council Meeting  - September 2016adobe icon Agenda 6 September 2016 [61kb]adobe icon September 16 Minutes [34kb]
Extraordinary Planning Committee Meeting - August 2016adobe icon Planning Agenda 12.08.16 [52kb]adobe icon Planning Committee Minutes August 16 [26kb]
Council Meeting - July 2016adobe icon Agenda July 2016 [57kb]adobe icon Minutes July 16 [33kb]
Council Meeting - June 2016adobe icon Agenda June 2016 [59kb]adobe icon Minutes June 2016 [32kb]
Council Meeting - May 2016adobe icon Agenda May 2016 [55kb]adobe icon Minutes of Meeting May 2016 [35kb]
Annual Parish Assembly - April 2016adobe icon APA Agenda 2016 [17kb]adobe icon Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly 2016 [193kb]
Council Meeting - April 2016adobe icon April 2016 Agenda [54kb]adobe icon April 16 Approved Minutes [30kb]
Council Meeting - March 2016adobe icon Agenda March 2016 [57kb]adobe icon March 2016 Minutes [30kb]
Council Meeting - February 2016adobe icon February 2016 Agenda [68kb]adobe icon Minutes February 2016 [34kb]
Council Meeting - January 2016adobe icon Agenda January 2016 [71kb]adobe icon Minutes January 2016 [164kb]
Annual Parish Assembly 2015 adobe icon Minutes of the APA 2015 [55kb]