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Hale Parish Council Information Update


This is the latest news from Hale Parish Council.  Documents not found elsewhere on the website will be uploaded here.

10 November 2017

Dear all

We understand from Lucy Buis (NFDC) that there has a been a good level of response to the Hale Housing Needs survey sent out by New Forest District Council.  Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to complete and return the survey so far.

Just a reminder to those of you who have yet to return your survey to NFDC, the deadline is 14 November so if you have time this weekend please do take a few moments to fill it in and pop it in the post. 

Please be assured that the responses will be collated by NFDC and presented to the Parish Council, those interested in developing affordable housing and the village as whole in an anonymous form so please do be open with your answers.  It is only by knowing how the village genuinely feels about affordable that those who are interested in the various schemes can decide whether and if so, how to take matters forward.

Many thanks, have a good weekend


6 November 2017

Good morning

On behalf of the Parish Council and all users of the Village Hall car park I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you who kindly gave up your Sunday morning to help fill the potholes in the car park.  Your digging, raking, shovelling, water blowing, compacting, leaf shifting and numerous other jobs paid huge dividends and we now have a fabulously level car park.

Thanks so much for all your help and hard work, I hope you aren't aching too much this morning!



2 November 2017

Good afternoon

I hope you have enjoyed the sun this afternoon.  A few updates

Next meetings

​The next Planning Committee and ​full Parish Council meetings are Tuesday 7 November, 7pm and 7.30pm respectively at the Village Hall.  The agenda for each is attached.  As ever you are all welcome to attend.

Temporary repair to the car park

I hope I have contacted all those of you who have kindly volunteered to help fill in the potholes in the car park.  In case I have missed anyone I confirm the work is going ahead this Sunday, 5th November from 9am onwards.  For obvious reasons we will need to close the car park for the duration of the work.  If you do use the car park can you please move your car before 9am on Sunday.  The gravel is being delivered tomorrow morning.  If you are using the car park Friday or Saturday please be aware there will be a large pile of gravel to the left hand side of the car park.  We will cone it off so please do not move the cones or park near the gravel.  Hopefully by Sunday afternoon the car park will have a reasonably level surface!

Responses to the Parish Plan Questionnaire

Thanks to all of you who completed the Parish Plan Questionnaire.  The results have been analysed and are available on the website   A copy is also attached.  It makes interesting reading.  The Parish Council will be using this information to prepare the new Parish Plan and its work to improve life in Hale in the future.

Grants available for businesses in rural areas.

​I have received the following information from New Forest District Council

" Grants Still Available for Businesses in Rural Areas, including New Forest, southern Test Valley and southern Wiltshire

The EU's New Forest LEADER grants can be used to fund investment in certain types of buildings, equipment and machinery to help small businesses grow and/or create jobs. However the scheme is due to end in 2019, so businesses are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

LEADER can grant fund up to 40% of the investment cost (for commercial projects) up to a maximum grant amount of £75,000. The minimum grant amount you can apply for is £5,000. 

Visit the New Forest LEADER website at  for information on what LEADER can fund and how to apply.  For tips and information follow us on twitter at @newforestleader

 Sally Igra

Programme Manager

New Forest LEADER

New Forest District Council

Appletree Court


Hants SO43 7PA

Tel: 023 8028 5588


Grants for rural businesses and communities:"

That's all for now, I look forward to seeing some of you on Sunday


Sue Plumb

Clerk to Hale Parish Council

Tel:  07717 851694









































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